AbeBooks Channel Program – Customer Support

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


AbeBooks, Amazon, and You – How Customer Support Works

On Amazon.com, buyers (or prospective buyers) can send Marketplace sellers messages. All of your listings will be listed under one AbeBooks branded marketplace account, so all buyer inquiries, both pre- and post-order, will be forwarded to an inbox accessible only by us.

When an Amazon customer contacts us, a member of our Customer Support team will be the first point of contact and will respond to standard concerns, such as shipping costs, tracking number requests, or information about refunds. Because these policies are consistent for all sellers participating in the program, it is not necessary for you to handle these types of inquiries.

From time to time, buyers may have questions that an AbeBooks representative will be unable to answer, such as pre-order inquiries regarding specific details of a particular listing. We will forward these inquiries to you, you’ll respond to us with the requested information, and we’ll forward your response to the customer.

Amazon requires that all sellers respond within 24 hours, so we’ll make every effort to forward inquiries to you as quickly as possible, in order to ensure your response reaches the buyer within that time frame.

Amazon A-to-z Guarantee

From time to time, a problem with an order may arise between the seller and buyer that can’t be resolved via normal channels. For those situations, Amazon offers the A-to-z Guarantee program. The A-to-z Guarantee is a feature unique to Amazon and a process with which you will want to be familiar.

A buyer can initiate an A-to-z claim if their original request for assistance is not adequately handled by the seller, including for the following reasons:

  1. The buyer purchased an item using the Marketplace Payments by Amazon system but never received the item they ordered.
  2. The buyer received the item, but the item was materially different than expected and depicted in the seller’s description.
  3. The buyer has returned, or wants to return, an item and the seller will not respond to their inquiries.

You can review the criteria and processes for the A-to-z Guarantee here.

In the event that we receive an A-to-z claim for one of your items, we will contact you and work with you during the entire process.

Communication with the buyer, and the manual acceptance or defense of the A-to-z claim, will be handled by AbeBooks.