AbeBooks Channel Program – Fees and Charges

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


Books sold through the AbeBooks Channel Program are subject to a different fee structure than those sold on AbeBooks.

There is no additional monthly fee to participate in the Channel Program, however all books sold through the program are subject to Amazon’s standard fees: a $1.35 closing fee and a 15% commission on the sale price of the book (all prices are in USD). Amazon does not charge commission on shipping costs and commissions are not capped.

AbeBooks will also charge a 4% commission (minimum of $0.25) on the book price only, with a maximum commission of $20.00 per book.

Two examples of the commission structure are set out below (which are for purposes of illustration only):

Example A: $100 Channel Program sale on Amazon

Closing Fee: $1.35
Amazon commission (15% of $100): $15.00
AbeBooks commission (4% of $100): $4.00
Total Fees: $20.35

Example B: $6.00 Channel Program sale on Amazon

Closing Fee: $1.35
Amazon commission (15% of $6.00): $0.90
AbeBooks commission (25 cent minimum): $0.25
Total Fees: $2.50

Please see Amazon’s Pricing for the most up to date fee information for Amazon.com.

You may list items at any price you feel is fair. Please note that titles listed on Amazon.com through the Channel Program will appear at the same price on both Amazon.com and AbeBooks.com.


Buyers from AbeBooks Channel Program sellers through Amazon are offered a number of shipping options, all with fixed pricing. You must specify whether you want to offer only domestic or both domestic and international shipping options. The default is for sellers to offer domestic shipping only – if you wish to offer international shipping, please contact Customer Support to let us know.

Amazon’s fixed pricing for shipping is intended to cover the costs of shipping a 2-3 pound item via a shipping method such as USPS Media Mail. Shipment of all orders is required, even if the shipping credit does not cover all shipping costs, and it is not possible to request extra charges to cover additional shipping costs. You should account for such discrepancies in the book prices you set.

The fixed pricing for shipping is:

  • Domestic Standard: $3.99
  • Domestic Expedited: $6.99
  • International Standard: $16.95 up to 1lb.
  • International Standard – Heavy Item: $23.95 (This charge is applied if the book weight in Amazon’s catalog indicates the book is over 1lb.)

To learn more about Amazon Marketplace shipping policies please visit Amazon’s Shipping Rates and Settings page and to obtain Amazon’s most up-to-date fee structure please visit Amazon’s Pricing.