AbeBooks Channel Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


Getting Started

How do my listings get to Amazon?

Our systems have been integrated with Amazon’s, so that you can simply upload your inventory to AbeBooks, as usual, and that information will automatically be forwarded to Amazon.

Whether uploading updates to existing listings or adding new books, we’ll automatically process those same updates to your inventory on Amazon.

The Channel Program supports both ISBN and non-ISBN listings. For sellers with ISBN matching turned on, ISBN matched data will not be included with any non-ISBN listings forwarded to Amazon.

Can I exclude books from being uploaded to Amazon?

You can choose to exclude certain listings from Amazon.

To exclude an item, you must add the following tag to your Keywords field – NOAMZ. Any listing with NOAMZ included in the Keywords field will not be forwarded to Amazon.

If you later decide to add an excluded book to your Amazon listings, you can do so by replacing the NOAMZ tag in your Keywords field with YESAMZ and upload the change to AbeBooks. We will then forward the listing to Amazon. The YESAMZ tag is only necessary for listings that have previously been excluded from the Channel Program.

Note: These exclusion tags do not work in our Online Inventory Management system. It is not currently possible to exclude listings when managing inventory by this method but we plan to add this functionality in the future.


How will I know that my titles are listed on Amazon?

After you upload your listings, we’ll deliver that information to Amazon. Amazon will check to see if your titles have the required attributes, which include:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date (The year published is the minimum requirement)
  • Price
  • Binding
  • Condition

If an error occurs, i.e. if the author name is missing, then an Channel Program error report will be emailed to you. The report will include the reason the book was not listed on Amazon.

In order for a book included in the report to appear on Amazon, simply correct the error and re-upload to AbeBooks. The updated listing will automatically be forwarded to Amazon.

If a listing does not appear on the error report, or if no error report is received, that means the upload to Amazon was successful.

Amazon Error Codes

How do I access and utilize my Error Reports?

It is important to note that these reports are for your reference only. If you prefer not to invest time into fixing the errors, you are not required to do so.

When you receive the error report email, you will need your AbeBooks UserID and password to access the report. The report will detail what information is different or missing between your listing and Amazon’s database entry.

You may find it easier to read the error report by saving it as a text file and then pasting it into Excel.

See additional information on the error codes provided by Amazon

How do I get Amazon to update its database if I believe Amazon’s information about a particular book is wrong?

Here is some information from Amazon’s website that will help you with this process.

Note: You will need an Amazon buyer account to submit your request, as that is how Amazon will contact you with the outcome.

  • On Amazon, navigate to the “Product Details” section detail page for the item you’d like to correct.
  • Click on the link labelled “Would you like to update product info?”
  • Sign in and you will be at the Catalog Update Form.
  • Submit your suggested changes to Amazon’s catalog data.

The information you submit must be considered authoritative proof by Amazon. This is typically a URL from the publisher or from an ISBN database.

The following data is supported by the Catalog Update Form:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Binding
  • Number of Pages
  • Publication Date
  • Format/Edition

Your corrections, if approved, should appear online within 3 business days.

Will my images be passed to Amazon with my listing?

Bookseller-supplied photos are uploaded to Amazon for listings which are considered ‘collectible’, according to Amazon’s requirements.

Generally speaking, ‘collectible’ books on Amazon are either 1st editions, 1st printings, or signed. See additional information.

If the image is uploaded to Amazon, it is displayed on the ‘offer-specific page’ on Amazon, not on the ‘product details page’.

Orders and Refunds

Can I request extra charges for Channel Program orders?

You cannot request extra charges for Channel Program orders. Amazon sets both shipping rates and speeds and they cannot be altered. See additional information.

What do I do if I cannot ship the book because I will lose money on the shipping?

This will generally occur for heavy or oversized books or sets.

You have 2 options:

  1. Ship the book and take the shipping loss.
  2. Reject the order and have the cancellation count negatively towards your Channel Program completion rating.

If you reject the order, it’s a good idea to remove the item from Amazon so it won’t be necessary to reject any future orders for that book.

To do so, please add a keyword NOAMZ to the Keywords field for the listing and upload the change to AbeBooks. See additional instructions.

Can I offer free shipping for Channel Program orders?

Free shipping is not available as an option for any of the AbeBooks Marketplace accounts on Amazon. The default Amazon shipping rates will be applied to all Channel Program orders. Remember that you are not required to offer international shipping via the Channel Program. Offering international shipping is available as an opt-in option.

Amazon’s shipping amounts are as follows:

  • Domestic Standard: $3.99
  • Domestic Expedited: $6.99
  • International Standard: $16.95
  • International Standard – Heavy Item: $23.95 (This charge is applied if the book weight in Amazon’s catalog indicates the book is over 1lb.)

How do I process a refund for a Channel Program order?

Refunds for AbeBooks Channel Program orders can only be processed by an AbeBooks Customer Support Representative.

If you need a refund processed for a Channel Program order, please contact Customer Support with the following information:

  • AbeBooks Order Number
  • Reason for refund
  • Refund amount

You are expected to follow the existing AbeBooks’ return policies when calculating the refund amount. Please keep in mind that we do expect a high level of customer service from our Channel Program booksellers.

Review the full Channel Program return policies

Policies, Performance, and Customer Support

Are there any items permitted for sale on AbeBooks but prohibited on Amazon?

Yes, there are a few types of books that cannot be listed on Amazon. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not list these items on Amazon. To do so, please use the NOAMZ keyword for any of the following book types.

  • International Editions
  • Wikipedia Books/Printed copies of digital content
  • Teacher/Instructor Editions
  • Incomplete sets of books. A listing must be either a single copy or a full set; not 3 volumes of a 5 book set.
  • Advance Reading Copies and Uncorrected Proofs. In order for an ARC or Proof to be permitted for sale on Amazon, it must be for an out-of-print book and it must also be either a 1st edition or a signed copy. If your item does not meet these requirements, you must add the NOAMZ keyword.

If I have to reject an order due to a mismatch with Amazon’s catalog, how do I exclude that rejection from my Channel Program completion?

If you receive an order for a book has been mismatched, please cancel the order and notify AbeBooks Customer Support.

The order will appear in the Channel Program completion emails we send you, so that you can note it for your records, however, such orders such will be taken into consideration when your completion rate is reviewed.

Why is my AbeBooks star rating different than what you say is my Channel Program completion rating? Aren’t my Channel Program orders incluced in my AbeBooks completion rating?

AbeBooks completion rate and Channel Program completion rate are calculated separately. AbeBooks orders and Channel Program orders are not combined. A Channel Program order, whether rejected or fulfilled, will have no impact on your AbeBooks completion rating, and vice versa.

Cancelled orders and refunded orders are calculated separately, as part of your Channel Program performance. When reference is made to your Channel Program completion rate, it refers only to pre-fulfillment cancellations.

To summarize, your Channel Program completion rate is the number of fulfilled Channel Program orders divided by the total number of Channel Program orders over a 3 month period.

How can I contact an Amazon buyer?

The buyer’s telephone number is included in the shipping manifest, on the right-hand side of the page. If you are unable to reach the buyer via telephone, please follow the instructions below to contact the buyer via email.

Send your email or reply directly to AbeBooks Customer Support. Compose your email as if you are speaking directly to the buyer and format your message appropriately. We will forward your response to the buyer via the Amazon system.

We cannot paraphrase, rewrite, or reformat your message, so failure to format your response correctly may result in further contact from us.