Estimated Delivery Date Explained

When you submit an order through AbeBooks, we forward it to the bookseller from whom you ordered. When that bookseller processes the order, we send you an AbeBooks Order Processed email. This email contains detailed information about your order, including the following:

Date Processed: mm/dd/yyyy
Approximate Shipping Speed: x – x business days

Orders are usually shipped within 2 business days.

The last sentence means the bookseller will usually put your book in the mail within 2 business days, not that you should expect to receive your book within 2 business days.

You can actually view the date by which your order should arrive, your Estimated Delivery Date, within the same email, or through your AbeBooks account.

You can also calculate your Estimated Delivery Date by the following formula:

Date processed + 2 business days for the seller to ship + the maximum of the ‘Approximate Shipping Speed’ you selected when you placed your order = Estimated Delivery Date.

For example:

Date Processed: July 27, 2010
Approximate Shipping Speed: 5 – 10 business days
Orders are usually shipped within 2 business days

July 27 + 2 bus. days = July 29

July 29 + 10 = Your Estimated Delivery Date: August 10.

Note that the above calculation is based on business days, Monday to Friday, and weekends and holidays are excluded. If the order is international, Customs can also impact delivery times.

Note also that it is an Estimated Delivery Date – your order could potentially arrive before that date, or sometimes, depending on postal or customs delays, a few days after.

You can use the above calculation to estimate when a particular book will arrive before ordering. Doing so is a good idea, particularly if receiving a book in time for classes is important to you.

Checking Shipping Speeds Before Ordering