How can I get an invoice or receipt for my order?

AbeBooks is unable to provide printed invoices because each individual bookseller processes and ships their orders directly.

If you placed your order using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, you can print off your “AbeBooks Sales Order xxxxxxxx: Confirmed” email as a receipt. If you selected another payment method, please contact the bookseller directly with your request.

To access your AbeBooks email:

  1. Click [My Account].
  2. Click [View My Emails] under ‘My Emails’.
  3. If the ‘Order Confirmed’ email is not displayed on the first screen, you can locate it by selecting the appropriate date range. If you have many emails within that time frame, you can narrow your results by searching the subject line for your Sales Order Number.

Once you have located the email, you can either:

  • Click [View Details] to see the entire message. You can print the message when it opens.
  • Click [Resend] to have the message re-sent to your email address.

You can also view the order details and payment method through the View My Purchases feature.

  1. Click [My Account].
  2. Click [View My Purchases] under My Purchases.

Your most recent orders are listed first. You can search by the Sales Order Number to view the details of a particular order.