How do I Cancel a Seller Direct Order?

To receive a commission refund for a seller direct order in the event of a return, you just need to cancel the order from your Members Menu. The buyer will receive a cancellation notice and your account will be credited the commission. If the cancellation is due to an incomplete sale, the order will also not be counted against your Completion Rating.

To cancel a seller direct order:

    From your [My Account] page, click [View and Process Orders] in the ‘My Sales’ section of the Menu.

  1. On the Order List screen, enter the AbeBooks Purchase Order Number and click [List Orders].
  2. Click [Cancel Order] for the book that requires a refund. Because you accepted payment for this order, you’ll be directed to a cancellation screen rather than a return/refund screen.
  3. Select the appropriate reason for the cancellation.
  4. Enter comments for the buyer. These comments will be forwarded in the cancellation e-mail.
  5. Click [Cancel Order] to complete the cancellation.

If the buyer is due a refund, you must issue the refund directly to the buyer, by the same method they used to originally pay for the order.

If the book is still available for sale, please make sure to re-list it!