How do I Change the Credit Card I Use to Pay AbeBooks Fees?

If you need to make any changes to the credit card that we use to charge you for your monthly subscription fees, or if you need to provide us with an entirely new card, you can do so by using a link on the Members Menu.

Credit card information provided through your account is encrypted and stored on our secure server. Please do not submit credit card information by email or any other non-secure method.

To View Your Credit Card Information:

  1. From your [My Account] page, select [My Credit Card (for fee payments only)] in the My Payments section of the Menu.

To update the Card Information:

  1. Enter your password if prompted and click [Continue].
  2. Type your credit card information in the appropriate text boxes and select the expiry date from the drop-down lists. (Note: The credit card number cannot be edited. If you need to enter a new card, you will need to first delete the existing card then add the new one. See below.) Note: The credit card Security Verification Code is a required field and must be entered in order for any updates to be saved successfully.
  3. Click the [Add Card] button.

To Remove the Card:

  1. Click the [Remove This Card] button.
  2. Verify that you would like to remove this card by again clicking the [Remove This Card] button.

You will then have the option to add a new card.

To Add a New Card:

  1. Enter your credit card number (with no spaces) in the space provided.
  2. Select the expiry month and year from the drop-down lists.
  3. Enter the Cardholder name.
  4. Enter the credit card Security Verification Code – this is a required field.
  5. Click the [Add Card] button to save the information.

Your credit card information is entered through our secure server and is encrypted for security.

To Make A One-Time Payment:

If you have an outstanding balance owing on your account and would like to submit a one-time payment to bring your account up to date:

  1. Return to the Members Menu by clicking [My Account]
  2. Click [Add a One-Time Payment to My Account] from the ‘My Payments’ section of your account.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  4. Click ‘Submit Payment.’

Your credit card information is entered through our secure server and is encrypted for security.

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