How do I Change My Accepted Payment Methods?

A variety of payment methods (including credit cards) may be used by buyers to purchase on our websites. Currently, the following credit cards may be used for purchases on the AbeBooks websites and these payments will be processed by our external payment service provider:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

You may choose to accept additional payment methods, such as check, money order, PayPal, etc. You can easily add or remove additional payment options through your Members Menu:

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account.
  2. In the ‘My Personal Information’ section of your Member Menu, click [My Accepted Payment Methods].
  3. Select the types of payment you wish to accept and click [Submit].

Buyers see your accepted payment methods on the Listing Details page for each of your books, as well as when placing their order in the Shopping Basket.

When processing your orders, please make sure to carefully check the buyer’s selected payment method and only ship the item(s) after you have received payment. For all payment methods other than credit card, you are responsible for collecting payment directly from the buyer prior to shipping the order.

To maximize customer satisfaction, AbeBooks expects booksellers to process and ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt. Credit Card orders not processed after 96 hours will automatically cancel and will count as unfulfilled orders in the Completion Rate calculation. For all other payment methods, known as Bookseller Direct, orders not processed after 96 hours will automatically confirm.

AbeBooks provides protection against chargebacks due to fraudulent credit card activity for transactions processed through our external payment service provider. Costs associated with such chargebacks will not be passed on to the bookseller.

Fraud protection is based on the information received in the AbeBooks checkout. If a buyer contacts a bookseller with a change to the payment method or shipping address, AbeBooks is not responsible for chargebacks that may occur if the bookseller ships the order with the new information.

Booksellers can report incidents of suspected fraud to AbeBooks Customer Support.