How do I edit my storefront for my sale?

If you are participating in the AbeBooks sales program, below are instructions for editing your storefront to reflect your ‘on sale’ status. These instructions are also available in an easy-to-follow video, found at the bottom of this page.

When your sales begins, firstly, you need to save the appropriate piece of sale artwork onto your computer. The discount artwork is listed below.

Right click on the correct sales image, and then save it onto your computer. (If you are on an older Mac, then Control click)

Next go to your [account]

Click [View My Storefront]

At the top of your Storefront, click [Edit this Page]

In the ‘About your Bookstore’ field, paste in the sales promotion wording located just below.

10% OFF BOOKS FROM XX YOUR BOOKSTORE NAME XX – Sale Ends X month X 27th – Please Note: Prices shown on AbeBooks have already been discounted.

Remember to insert your bookstore’s name and the month.

Next, go down to the bottom of the storefront – make sure you have clicked on ‘your uploaded image’

Click on [browse]. You then locate the artwork file on your computer and ‘Open’ it.

Back on the storefront, you will see the name of the file and you click [upload] to add it to your storefront. You’ll see a confirmation message.

Now click on the large red [Save and View] button at the bottom of the storefront.

Refresh your storefront (click the refresh button, or F5 on a PC, or command r on a Mac).

If you need to make an update, then go back to the top of the storefront and click on [Edit this page] to make further changes.

Remember to update your page at the end of the sale by deleting the sale copy and replacing the image with one of your own or a generic photo located on the template.



10off 15off 20off
25off 30off 35off
40off 45off 50off
55off 60off 65off
70off 75off 80off


Video: How to Update Your Storefront for a Sale: