Processing AbeBooks Channel Program Orders, Returns and Refunds

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


How will I be notified of an order?

Like all AbeBooks orders, you’ll be notified by email.

The email notification will contain all the order information you’re accustomed to receiving, as well as the name of the book to which Amazon’s matching system matched your book, so that you can confirm Amazon accurately matched your title. From time to time, Amazon will incorrectly match a book, so it’s important that you verify that the title of the book to which your book was matched is correct before processing the order.

What should I do if I believe there has been a mismatch?

If you see that a book has been mismatched, please cancel the order and notify Customer Support. The cancellation will have no impact on your completion rating and notifying us will allow us to follow up with Amazon in order to prevent future mismatches.

How will my Channel Program orders appear in my AbeBooks account?

All Channel Program orders will appear on the Channel Program order page which can be found here.

The Channel Program Order Update screen differs from the standard AbeBooks order processing screen, presenting the order processing steps in the order they must be followed. The order details will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Please verify that the details are correct before processing the order.

Because Amazon uses a ‘charge when shipped’ model, all Channel Program orders must be processed by following the steps in the correct order, as outlined below. If the item is previously sold or you need to reject the order for another reason, you can skip Steps 1 and 2 and proceed directly to Step 3.

  1. Print the shipping manifest, then ship the book. Once the item has been shipped, return to the Order Update screen and proceed to step 2.
  2. Select the shipping company used (required for all shipping options). If the buyer selected Expedited shipping, a valid tracking number is also required.
  3. Set the order status.
  4. Save your order changes.

Important: Please note that unlike AbeBooks orders, Channel Program orders must be shipped before the order status is updated.

Orders must be shipped and processed within 4 business days or the buyer will be refunded automatically and the order cancelled. These refunds will count against your completion rate.

Once you’ve completed processing the order, the page will update to display the updated Order Status.

How does shipping work for Channel Program orders?

Buyers ordering from AbeBooks Channel Program sellers through Amazon have 2 shipping options available to them: Domestic Standard and Domestic Expedited. International Standard is also available, but only from sellers who choose to offer it.

The default is for sellers to offer domestic shipping only – if you wish to offer international shipping, please contact Customer Support to let us know.

The shipping timelines for each shipping option are:

  • Domestic Standard: 4-14 business days
  • Domestic Expedited: 2-6 business days
  • International Standard: 3-6 weeks

These timeframes begin as soon as you update an order to ‘Have Shipped.’

Domestic Expedited requires a tracking number and all options require that you provide the shipping company or service used.

All orders must be shipped and processed within 4 business days or the order will be cancelled and the buyer refunded automatically. In addition, Amazon works under a “Charge when shipped” model, which means the buyer is not charged until the item has been shipped.

How will Channel Program sales appear on my statement?

Channel Program orders will appear on your regular AbeBooks statement, identified by an AbeBooks Channel Program label. In your Sales Details screen, each Channel Program order will display the commission paid to AbeBooks and will separately display the closing fee and commission paid to Amazon.

How are Returns Handled?

Sellers participating in the AbeBooks Channel Program must comply with the following returns and refund policy for all books sold through the AbeBooks Channel Program. In the policy below “you” refers to customers purchasing your products and “Seller” refers to Sellers participating in the AbeBooks Channel Program:

“Sellers guarantee that every book is as described. If you are dissatisfied with your book for any reason, you will be eligible for a full refund if you request a refund and return the book in its original condition postmarked within 30 days of the delivery date. If your shipment does not arrive, you will be eligible for a full refund if you request a refund within 30 days of the latest estimated delivery date. Return shipping will be refunded when the return is due to the seller’s error. For all other reasons, you must pay the return shipping. Refunds will typically be processed within one week of receipt.”

If you need to process a Refund for a Channel Program order, please contact AbeBooks Customer Support. Please provide the order number, the reason for the refund, and the dollar amount you wish to refund.