How do I Process Orders?

When a customer orders one of your books, the order will appear within your AbeBooks account and you will receive a notification email. Both AbeBooks and the customer expect the order to be processed as quickly as possible.

Credit card orders will expire if unprocessed after four days. Expired orders are cancelled, cannot be reinstated, and have not been paid for. The book should be re-listed for sale.

Seller direct orders (e.g. PayPal, money order, check) are automatically confirmed if unprocessed after four days. Buyers are notified of auto-confirmed orders and will expect the book to be shipped. It is your responsibility to reject/cancel any seller direct order you do not intend to ship.

If you will be unavailable to process your orders, you can temporarily remove your books from the site by putting your account on ‘Vacation’.

We recommend logging into your AbeBooks account at least once a day to check for new orders, rather than relying solely on email.

Process orders by following these instructions:

  1. Click the link in the email notification. OR Go to [My Account] and click [New Orders] in the ‘My To-Do List’ section. OR Go to [My Account] and click [View and Process Orders] beneath ‘My Sales’.
  2. Click [Process Order] for the any order in (Ordered) status.
  3. Select the appropriate radio button.
  4. For credit card orders, your options are:

    Will Ship – You have the book and are ready to package it for shipping. The buyer’s credit card will be charged immediately if you select this status. If the credit card transaction processes successfully, the shipping manifest will be available on the next screen.

    Extra Charges – If the amount charged will not cover the cost of shipping, taxes, or other charges, this option allows you to submit a request to the buyer for additional funds. The order will be put on hold until the buyer accepts or rejects your request. After the buyer responds to your request, you’ll be notified by email and you will need to return and process the order to ‘Will ship’ or ‘Rejected’ to prevent it from expiring. Learn more about extra charges.

    Reduce Shipping – If you’d like to reduce the shipping charged on a light book, or on additional items in a multi-item order, select this option. There is no need to wait for approval from the buyer to ship the book. Learn more about reducing shipping.

    Previously Sold – Select this option if the book was previously sold and is no longer available.

    Rejected – If you are unable to ship the book for any other reason, reject the order.

    For seller direct orders (e.g. PayPal, check), your options are:

    Availability confirmed – The buyer will be notified of the book’s availability. For all seller direct payment methods, it is your responsibility to contact the buyer to make payment arrangements. The shipping manifest and buyer contact information will be available on the next screen. Do not ship the book until after you have received payment. AbeBooks is not responsible for orders shipped prior to receipt of payment.

    Previously sold – Same as above.

    Rejected – Same as above.

  5. Click [Save Order Changes] after you have selected an option for each book in the order.
  6. If the buyer’s credit card is declined, you will be notified on the next screen and the order status will update to “Credit Card Rejected.” If you receive such a message, the order is cancelled and the book should not be shipped. We will automatically re-list the book for sale.

    If the credit card processes successfully, you will receive a Success! message and have access to [View Shipping Manifest]. Click this link to retrieve the buyer’s shipping address. You can print the manifest to use as a shipping label or include inside the package as a packing slip.

    You can now ship the book. The book must be shipped within 48 hours of the order being processed. Remember to ship according to the speed selected by the buyer.