AbeBooks Channel Program – How A-to-z Guarantee Claims Work

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


Amazon buyers can file A-to-z Guarantee claims for either of these reasons:

  • The buyer’s order never arrived.
  • The product the buyer received was materially different from what the buyer was led to expect. This covers products that are damaged, defective, incorrectly described, misrepresented, or missing parts.

Note: The A-to-z Guarantee does not apply if a buyer is simply disappointed with a product. Amazon will ultimately determine whether a product is materially different.

The claim eligibility window starts 3 calendar days after the maximum estimated delivery date or 30 days post-order date (whichever is earlier). Buyers have 90 days from the original order date to file a claim. However, Amazon reserves the right to accept claims after that time frame, if they find an investigation into the matter is warranted.

For every Channel Program A-to-z claim, Amazon sends AbeBooks an email with details and requests a response. We will forward their request to you and give you an opportunity to present your side of the issue.

You have 2 days to respond to the claim email notification but best practice is to reply immediately.

As with all Channel Program buyer inquiries, if you receive a forwarded A-to-z Guarantee claim from us, please reply to AbeBooks with the response you want forwarded to the buyer and/or Amazon.

Tips for avoiding A-to-z Guarantee claims:

  • Answer all buyer email. In the online A-to-z Guarantee claim form, Amazon stresses to buyers that they should first attempt to work through any issues with sellers. We find that some claims filed against sellers who otherwise perform well are due to non-response or delayed response to buyer emails.
  • Refund proactively. Sellers can resolve open claims by promptly investigating and, when appropriate, authorizing a refund for the buyer. If the problem is handled this way, Amazon marks the claim ‘not granted.’ This is the most buyer-friendly outcome and ensures that the claim is not held against the seller’s performance record.
  • Ship with care. Use careful packaging, trackable shipping methods, and signature-required methods for high-value items.
  • Keep the buyer informed. Confirm shipments right away and also include tracking information when possible. After you confirm a shipment, Amazon sends the buyer a shipment confirmation email that includes tracking details.

Important Notes for Claim Resolution:

  • For ‘item did not arrive’ claims, only a tracking number that confirms delivery to the buyer will prevent the claim from being processed. For high value orders, please ensure that you provide signature confirmation for delivery. In the event of a dispute, Amazon may grant the claim in the buyer’s favor if only delivery confirmation is provided.
  • If you wish to dispute an A-to-z claim, please provide AbeBooks with your comments and we will forward them to Amazon on your behalf.

While we are happy to assist you with your dispute of the claim, if Amazon finds in favor of the buyer and issues a refund, your AbeBooks account will be debited to cover the refund amount.