AbeBooks Channel Program – Using HomeBase® 3.0 to Add Required Attributes

Important Announcement:

The AbeBooks Channel Program was permanently closed on June 16, 2014. See full details.


For AbeBooks Channel Program participants, inventory forwarded to Amazon must include the following required attributes in unique fields:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date (The year published is the minimum requirement.)
  • Price
  • Binding
  • Condition

If you are using HomeBase 2.3 and you are accustomed to entering the above bibliographic details in your Descriptions, rather than in unique fields, HomeBase 3.0 offers a relatively simple method of updating your listings by filtering descriptions for specific terms, then using the Multi-Edit feature to update multiple listings at once. Doing so will ensure that as many of your listings as possible will be accepted by Amazon.

We strongly recommend that after you’ve performed the steps below, you continue to use HomeBase 3.0 to manage your inventory. However, if you prefer, you can make the necessary changes in HomeBase 3.0, then import your inventory back into 2.3.

Before you begin, be sure to create a current backup file in HomeBase 2.3.

To get started, you will first need to download and install HomeBase 3.0 and than import your inventory from HomeBase 2.3.

Once your inventory has been imported into HomeBase 3.0, follow the steps below to add the required attributes to the appropriate fields:

    1. Open HomeBase 3.0 and click the Listings tab.
    2. Right-click anywhere in the header row. (The ‘header row’ is the row of column titles across the top, i.e. Item ID, Title, ISBN, etc.)
    3. Select ‘Column Chooser.’
    4. Click and drag ‘Description’ into the header row. Release the mouse button.
    5. Right-click on ‘Description’ and select ‘Filter Editor.’
    6. A new window called ‘Filter Builder’ will open – because you clicked on the Description header, the default filter will be for the Description field.
    7. Click on ‘Begins With’ (in green). This will provide you with a drop-down list of filter options. You will most likely want to choose ‘Contains’.
    8. Click on ‘enter a value.’ (An empty box will appear.)
    9. Enter the term you wish to filter by and click on [OK]. (The filter term is not case sensitive.) For example, you could filter by ‘hardcover.’

You have now filtered your listings to only display those that contain your filter term within the description field.

  1. Use ctrl+a to select all the filtered listings.
  2. Right click any of the selected listings and select ‘Edit x items.’
  3. In the multi-edit window, add your filter term to the appropriate field. For example, if you filtered by ‘hardcover’ you would add ‘hardcover’ to the Binding field.
  4. Click [Save], then [OK].
  5. To remove the filter and start again with a different term, right-click ‘Description’ and then select ‘Clear Filter.’

Repeat the above process for each attribute you would like to add to its own, unique field.

When you are done, you can either upload your changes from HomeBase 3.0, if you plan to continue using the program, or you can create an Export file in HomeBase 2 format, import that file into HomeBase 2.3, and upload from there. If you choose to import back into HomeBase 2.3, be sure to choose the ‘ZAP’ option.

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