Payment Information for Latin American Booksellers

We pay booksellers in eligible countries by Electronic Funds Transfer every week. Booksellers located in countries where EFT is unavailable are paid by check once each month. Payment amounts are calculated on the first Friday of the month, with checks mailed the following Friday.

For sellers in Latin American countries, checks will only be issued when the payment amount reaches a minimum of US $350.00. If sales for a particular month do not reach the minimum, the balance will be carried forward. As soon as the minimum of US $350.00 is reached, a check will be issued on the first Friday of the month following.

Important Notes:

  1. Special payment instructions cannot be accommodated.
  2. Cheques are issued payable to the bookstore name registered in your AbeBooks account. If you cannot cash a cheque payable to this name, you must change the information within your account before the first Friday of the month.
  3. You can request permanent express delivery service for your cheques by FedEx or Canada Post (as long as these services deliver to your country). This arrangement should be permanent and cannot be changed on a monthly basis.
  4. The cost of express delivery is the responsibility of the bookseller. The costs quoted below are estimates only:

    You can submit your request for express delivery through Customer Support.

  5. If you can provide us with a US or Canadian bank account, you can be paid by EFT weekly, with no minimum and no delay. You may also provide the bank account of a friend or relative, if you prefer.
  6. Instructions for providing bank account information.

  7. You can check your account balance at any time through your Members Menu.