I’m Having Problems Signing On

You need to create an account in order to purchase books through AbeBooks.com. If you have an account and cannot sign on, there are a few things you can do.

  • Make sure you are trying to sign on to the correct AbeBooks website. There are several AbeBooks sites and you must sign on to the same one on which you created your account. For example, if you created your account on AbeBooks.com, you will not be able to sign on to AbeBooks.co.uk and vice versa.
  • Make sure you are signing on with the correct email address and password. Note that your password is case sensitive.
  • If you still can’t sign on, enter your email address on the Sign On page and click the [Forgot your password] button. We will email you a link to a secure password reset page. Follow the instructions in the email – also located here – to create a new password and sign on to your account.