Sales and Value Added Taxes

Due to the complexity of international and e-commerce tax laws, AbeBooks does not collect or remit any taxes or duties on behalf of our booksellers. Booksellers are responsible for the collection and payment of taxes for items sold through our websites.

Booksellers located in European Union countries are required to upload prices that include the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Booksellers located in Australia are required to list prices that include Australia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST). Requesting extra charges to collect the GST on domestic Australian orders is not permitted.

Excluding the exception noted above, booksellers may request extra charges when processing orders for which they are required to collect taxes. The buyer has the option to accept or reject the extra charges. If the buyer rejects these charges, the bookseller has the option to ship the book at the price originally quoted to the buyer, or to cancel the order.