Strategies for Selling More Books

Review Your Inventory

If you are listing common books from popular authors, your inventory may be facing too much competition from other sellers. Seek out inventory that is offered by a smaller number of sellers. Consider specializing in a niche that serves a particular type of book-buyer.

Better Descriptions

Ensure customers have as much information about a book as possible. Do not omit key information like ISBN, date of publication, and binding. Accurately describe the book’s condition, being sure to call out any flaws. Details of illustrators, artwork, and the actual content of the book can be vital for customers searching AbeBooks. Listings with spelling and grammatical errors are unlikely to sell.

Add Images

A listing accompanied by a bookseller-supplied image is more likely to sell than one without. For many ISBN books, AbeBooks adds stock photos, but a seller-supplied image enhances the experience for a customer who wants to see the actual book before buying. Images for books with attractive bindings, dust jackets, and artwork are a highly effective selling tool. Learn more about adding images.

Review Pricing

Compare your prices to those of similar books on AbeBooks. Are your books over-priced?

Consider Free Shipping

AbeBooks heavily promotes booksellers who offer free shipping through special free shipping pages and a monthly email campaign. Learn more about free shipping.

Consider Offering a Sale

AbeBooks heavily promotes booksellers who discount their entire inventory through special sale pages and a monthly email campaigns. A sale lasts 27 days and you must discount your books by at least 10%. Only four and five-star sellers can participate. Learn more about offering a sale.

Adjust Shipping Rates

Shipping prices are a vital component in online shopping. Buyers look for competitive shipping rates, as well as sellers who provide tracking information. Ensure your shipping matrix accurately reflects your shipping costs – requests for extra charges on shipping are unpopular with buyers. Learn more about adjusting your shipping matrix.