A Guide to Using the AbeBooks Forums

To participate in the AbeBooks Forums, you must have, and be signed on to, an AbeBooks account. If you don’t already have one, creating an account is easy. Signing on to your AbeBooks account will sign you on to the Forums.

When creating an account, or when logging on to the Forums for the first time, you will be asked to create a “Nickname” for yourself. Using a Nickname protects your privacy. Your Nickname will be your name on our forums, the name visible to other forum users. Your full name or bookstore name will not be shared (unless you choose otherwise). Your Nickname must be unique and should be less than 33 characters, contain only letters, numbers or the underscore (“_”). It cannot start with the letter sequence “ABE”.

To change your nickname, use the ‘My Nickname’ link in the right sidebar of any forum page.

The bookseller forum is only available to registered AbeBooks booksellers. To become a bookseller on AbeBooks, please read our Sell Books section.

You can post a new discussion by clicking the [New Topic] button. You will then need to:

  • Choose a folder from the ‘Folder’ drop-down list.
  • Enter a ‘Subject’ for your post.
  • Enter your ‘Message’.
  • Click [Preview] to check for any errors, then [Back] to edit or post.
  • Click [Post] to post your message.

Note that there may be a slight delay in the appearance of a new post online. Please be patient.

If you wish to reply to the first post of a discussion, click [Post Reply] at the top of the thread. If you wish to reply to another post within the discussion, click the [Reply] button within that post. You can also click [Quote] to include the original message within your response. Regardless of which you choose, you can choose to address your message to a specific recipient, or to ‘All’, with the ‘To’ drop-down list.

On every forum page, there is a ‘Search this Forum’ box at the top of the right sidebar that allows you to search for subjects of interest. For more search options, click ‘Advanced Search’.

By using the ‘Sort by’ drop-down list, you can filter the discussions on the forum by:

  • All (default)
  • 7 Days Back
  • Today
  • Unread Msgs
  • Unread To Me
  • Unread/High Interest
  • Recently Seen
  • Ignored
  • Polls
  • Attachments

You can ‘watch’ a discussion you are interested in by giving it a thumbs-up rating at the bottom of the first post. Discussions you have given a thumbs-up will be displayed when you use the ‘Sort by’ menu to show discussions of ‘High Interest’.

If you wish to report an inappropriate post, click the [Options] button at the bottom of the post in question. Choose ‘Report Concern’. You will be asked to select a reason for reporting the message. The Forum Moderators are notified of complaints.

You can edit your Profile (such as avatar) and Preferences (such as a name, personal signature, email notifications, time zone, etc.) via the ‘View My Profile’ link under your name in the upper-right sidebar of any forum page.

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