AbeBooks Selling Policies


AbeBooks has policies in place to ensure high customer satisfaction for both our sellers and buyers. Being familiar with our policies will help make your AbeBooks experience a successful one. Key policies are outlined in brief below. We encourage all sellers to make themselves familiar with all AbeBooks Selling Policies.


Key Selling Policies:

Items Available for Sale

In addition to books, many sellers also offer ephemera, such as sheet music, posters, maps, and other collectible book and literature related items. There are specific requirements for listing certain book types, i.e. Print on Demand and International Editions, among others.

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Processing and Shipping Orders

We require that sellers process and ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt and that orders are shipped by a method that will deliver the item within the time frame quoted to the buyer. The seller is responsible for the item until it reaches the buyer and a refund must be provided if the book fails to arrive.

As a global marketplace, AbeBooks requires sellers to process all orders regardless of origin.

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AbeBooks’ sellers are required to accept returns for all reasons except when the reason selected is ‘Buyer Does Not Want Item.’ Note that laws in certain European jurisdictions require sellers to accept all returns for orders placed on any of our European domains, regardless of the reason. In the interest of good customer service, we encourage all of our sellers to accept all returns, for all reasons, regardless of domain.

All returns must be processed via the AbeBooks online system and all refunds must be issued via the same payment method the buyer originally used to pay for the order.

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Responses to Inquiries

Sellers are required to respond to both pre-purchase and post-purchase buyer inquiries within 2 business days. They are also required to respond to e-mails from AbeBooks staff members within 2 business days.

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Performance Standards and Code of Conduct

AbeBooks monitors seller performance to ensure customer satisfaction. We have set minimum required standards for order completion rates (90% or better) and return rates (5% or less) to help ensure that buyers can expect to receive the item they order, in the condition described, and within the time frame quoted.

We also provide a list of Specific Code of Conduct Violations that outlines the expected standards of seller participation with AbeBooks.

Sellers who fail to meet our required performance standards or who are found to be in violation of our Code of Conduct may face account suspension or permanent closure.

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