The Bookseller Is Not Responding

Whether there’s a problem with your order or you simply have a question, the place to start is to ask the bookseller directly.

AbeBooks Bookseller Policy requires all booksellers to answer all buyer inquiries within 2 business days. Sending your inquiry through the AbeBooks system will ensure that a record of your email is saved within your account.

If you receive no response from the bookseller by the third business day, AbeBooks Customer Support will be happy to follow up on your behalf.

Here’s what you should do and what will happen:

  • Contact AbeBooks Customer Support through the online form. Be sure to include the AbeBooks Order Number and the book title, as well as the date of your email and your question for the seller.
  • Customer Support will contact the bookseller on your behalf and get back to you with their response within 2 business days.

The bookseller’s failure to respond to your initial question will also be noted within the bookseller’s account. A pattern of such policy violations can lead to the seller’s account being suspended and/or permanently closed.