AbeBooks Buyer Tax Exemption Program

This page is intended to provide general tax information. No information on this page may be considered formal tax advice. If the information provided is not sufficient, please reach out to your tax advisor.

Canadian Federal, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec Marketplace Facilitator Laws (MPF)

In accordance with Canadian Federal, Manitoba (MB), Saskatchewan (SK) and Quebec (QC) Marketplace Facilitator laws, AbeBooks may be required to calculate and remit taxes collected on behalf of our sellers.

Tax exempt buyers can provide AbeBooks with a copy of their tax document to prevent tax from being applied to their order during checkout. The types of tax documents that are accepted vary by province.

To submit your tax exemption certificate to AbeBooks please follow the procedure included above. By submitting this information, you are acknowledging that the information entered is correct and the tax exempt organization is recognized as valid by the Canadian federal or provincial taxing authority in which you’ve enrolled.

In accordance with Marketplace Facilitator laws within the United States, AbeBooks is required to collect and remit any taxes collected on behalf of our sellers.

For a list of states that have Marketplace Facilitator legislation, please visit our Help Page below:

Individuals or businesses may qualify to make tax exempt purchases. The AbeBooks Tax Exemption Program supports tax exempt purchases for sales sold on AbeBooks.

For exemption to apply, you will need to be enrolled into our tax exemption program and submit your documentation for review. You will be notified if your account is qualified for enrollment or if you need to provide any further information. If you are requesting a one-time refund, you will still need to provide documentation and refunds will be issued after your order has shipped.

To submit your tax exemption certificate to AbeBooks, please send us the following information by mail:

  • All email addresses associated with your AbeBooks buyer account (s)
  • A valid tax exemption certificate
  • Your business entity type (eg Non-Profit, Resale, Educational Institution)
  • States in which you are claiming exemption

Mailing Address:

AbeBooks Inc. Department TEP

Suite 500 – 655 Tyee Road

Victoria, BC V9A 6X5


By submitting this information, you are acknowledging that the information entered is correct and the tax exempt organization is recognized as valid by the state or US territory in which you’ve enrolled.


Why was I charged tax when I placed my AbeBooks order?

AbeBooks is required to calculate, collect and remit applicable taxes on orders shipped to states that have enacted Marketplace Facilitator Legislation.

This requirement is driven by Marketplace Facilitator legislation, which shifts the tax collection and remittance obligations from the third party seller to the Marketplace Facilitator.
If you have any other questions regarding state tax collection, contact your local tax advisor or your state taxing authority.

I am tax exempt. How can I apply my tax exemption to my orders?

If you are tax exempt, mail you a copy of your certificate to AbeBooks using the instructions found above.

Once received and validated, our Customer Support team will contact you to confirm your enrollment by email.

How can I be refunded for previous orders that have been charged tax?

After your tax exempt certificate has been received and validated, our Accounting Team will refund you for the tax collected on your AbeBooks orders. This credit will be applied to the original method of payment the order was placed with. Please allow up to 48 hours for your refund to appear.

Can AbeBooks assist me in filing for tax exempt status with my state?

As tax issues can be complex and we are unaware of your tax situation, AbeBooks cannot offer guidance on tax obligations. Please consult with your tax advisor.

Do I have to send my tax exempt certificate to you each time I place an order?

Once you have been successfully enrolled in the Tax Exempt Program, tax exemption will apply at checkout on all AbeBooks domains for orders in which sales tax is applicable. You must be logged into your AbeBooks account using the email address you provided at the time of registration and your order is being shipped to the state you are enrolled for.