I Have a Coupon-Related Problem

AbeBooks issues coupons, usually by email, on an occasional basis to buyers who meet specific criteria. Coupons are not issued upon request.

When redeeming your coupon, please remember:

  • Coupons discounts apply to the book price only and are not applied to shipping amounts, taxes, or any extra charges.
  • Coupon discounts cannot be applied to transactions where you pay the bookseller directly – e.g. PayPal, check, wire transfer, etc.
  • Coupons can only be redeemed on the AbeBooks domain for which they were issued, i.e. an AbeBooks.com coupon cannot be applied to an order on AbeBooks.co.uk.
  • A coupon discount cannot be applied to an order after it has been completed.
  • If a coupon is redeemed on a multiple book order, and one of those books is later refunded, the coupon discount for that item will be deducted from the refund and cannot be transferred to the remaining items in the order.

Read our Coupon Terms and Conditions

When AbeBooks issues a coupon, you will find extensive instructions, including an instructional video, on the page containing the coupon code.

When applying a coupon to your purchase, please remember the following tips:

  • The coupon code must be applied in your Shopping Basket – enter the code into the coupon field and click the [Update] button. The savings will display automatically, in green text.
  • Ensure you correctly enter the coupon code. Avoid copy/paste.
  • Apply the coupon before its expiry date – the expiry date will be clearly indicated when the coupon is issued to you.
  • Some AbeBooks coupons require a minimum purchase. For example, a coupon might be redeemable for 10% off a minimum purchase of $10.
  • A coupon can only be redeemed once.