Downloadable reports

Downloadable reports allow you to generate and download comma-separated value (CSV) files of all account transactions between date ranges you define. Downloadable reports are useful for sales and fee analysis and financial reconciliation and can be easily opened in a spreadsheet program. 

To create a report, select the period that you would like to view by either Statement period or Custom date range.

To generate a report, select the Generate report button.

Once the report has been generated, select the Download link to save the file to your computer. You can open this file in Excel or another spreadsheet program to view the information for your sales and modify it to your needs.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, this report will show you all amounts in your vendor billing currency (VBC).VBC is the currency in which AbeBooks bills you for your fees.

Date Range Report Explained

Transaction date: The date/time that transaction was posted to your seller account. This date would be the date that you processed the order, not when the buyer placed the order.

Statement ID: Each weekly statement has its own unique Statement ID. This allows you to filter to transactions for one or more statements.

Transaction type: This shows the following options:

  • Order –A buyer order that is accepted/processed by you
  • Refund –A buyer refund (partial or full) that is applied to your account
  • Manual Adjustments – Any manual adjustments  made by AbeBooks on your account
  • AbeBooks Retail – The amount charged for any packing materials or stamps that are purchased from AbeBooks
  • Subscription fees – The subscription fees applied to your account
  • Payment to Seller – How much you will be paid
  • Payment to AbeBooks –  The total amount of fees paid by you to AbeBooks

Seller item ID: This is your listing ID

AbeBooks order no.: This is the AbeBooks Purchase Order number

Description: A description of the item sold

Order country: The country in the shipping address

Order state: The state in the shipping address

Order city: The city in the shipping address

Unadjusted gross sale amount (USD): The unadjusted gross sales impact of the transaction. The Unadjusted gross sales amount are the proceeds from the sale including shipping. The unadjusted gross sales amount is not reduced by fees nor refunds. This value is included for US tax reporting needs.

List price: This is the purchase amount of the item or the amount refunded excluding shipping

Shipping price: This is the shipping amount that was charged or refunded including extra charges requests

Total price: This is the total product cost and shipping cost combined

Commission fees: This is the commission fee excluding taxes

External payment service fee: This is the amount of the external payment processing fee excluding taxes

Other fees: This will be any other fees that are owed excluding taxes (eg. subscription fee)

Fees subtotal: This is the total amount of fees owed to AbeBooks excluding commissions and external payment processing fees

Sales taxes on fees: This is the amount of sales tax or VAT that has been applied to any of the fees charged to you

Fees total:  Total fees including taxes (AbeBooks fees subtotal + Tax/VAT on Seller Fees)

Other: Any amounts that that are not related to the product or AbeBooks fees

Total: The total financial impact of the transaction

Tax calculated date: 

  • If AbeBooks is responsible for collecting the sales tax (eg. MPF) this is the time when the tax rate was applied, [yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss PST]. For both orders and refunds, this is the time that you initially processed the order.
  • If you are responsible for collecting the sales tax it will be blank as AbeBooks does not know when you calculate the tax

Tax collection model: The type of applicable tax (eg. USA Marketplace Facilitator)

Tax collection responsible party: The entity that is responsible for tax collection for the line entry (eg. AbeBooks or seller)

Tax remitted by AbeBooks (VBC): This is the sales tax amount AbeBooks remitted to relevant governments on your behalf and it is blank if AbeBooks is not responsible for tax collection