Forum Folder Definitions

The AbeBooks Bookseller Forum has been created for booksellers to share knowledge and experiences about books, bookselling, and related topics. Booksellers can come here for information about the trade and online selling.

AbeBooks has provided the following folders in the Bookseller Forum. Posts not made in the correct folder are subject to relocation; forum users may not be notified when their posts are moved.

AbeBooks Announcements

New AbeBooks features and tools, as well as upcoming homepage features, are listed here. ‘This Week at AbeBooks,’ our weekly summary of site updates and announcements, is posted here every Friday.

AbeBooks Web Site Status

Status updates are posted here about the Web site, processes, and scheduled maintenance. Updates are made as information becomes available.

AbeBooks Channel Program

The AbeBooks Channel Program is a place for sellers to post their questions about the program. Questions will be answered by AbeBooks staff in a ‘1 question, 1 answer’ format. Answers will be posted in a timely manner but same day replies cannot be guaranteed.

Ask AbeBooks

The “Ask AbeBooks” folder is a place for booksellers to ask questions of AbeBooks regarding AbeBooks web site functions, policies, and programs. Answers will be posted in a timely manner but same day replies cannot be guaranteed.

“Ask AbeBooks” is intended as a place for open, honest, and direct communication between booksellers and AbeBooks. Questions will be answered in a ‘1 question, 1 answer’ format and it is our intention to answer all questions as fully and directly as possible. We do, however, reserve the right to ignore or delete questions deemed, at our discretion, to be in contravention of the guidelines set out below, or of AbeBooks Forum or Bookseller Policies.

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Please include only one question per post. If you have multiple questions, please post them separately.
  • Please review the archived questions and answers in the ‘AbeBooks Responses folder, to see if your current question has already been answered.
  • If your question is related to the reporting of a site problem or error, please contact AbeBooks Customer Support so that we can gather all of the necessary information to investigate the issue properly.
  • If you have questions that are specific to your account or to an order, please contact AbeBooks Customer Support.

Ask AbeBooks – Responses

Questions from ‘Ask AbeBooks’ that have been answered are moved to this folder.

Book Buying, Listing & Selling

Booksellers discuss what they know best: books. Here booksellers share experiences, exchange advice, and learn from each other’s knowledge.


Tips, hints and troubleshooting information are shared between AbeBooks HomeBase users in this folder.


Just like your local newspaper’s classifieds – post large inventory sales, Help Wanted ads, and others. AbeBooks reserves the right to remove posts deemed too commercial.

The Water Cooler

This is the only folder not about bookselling; any topic is admissible here, from riddles to religion and pets to politics. Booksellers are welcome to post their opinions, but should follow the Forum Policies when doing so.

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