HomeBase 3.2 – Catalogs

HomeBase 3.2 allows you to create up to 100 Catalogs and assign up to 3 Catalogs per listing.

In HomeBase 3.2, you can view and edit Catalogs by clicking the [Catalogs] tab in the menu bar near the top of the screen. The left side of the screen will display your Catalog names, while the right side displays the listings contained within the selected Catalog. By default, the Catalog screen shows “All listings,” which is highlighted in blue in the Catalog list on the left. Click any Catalog name to see its contents.

The Catalog screen inherits its properties from the Listing screen. This includes filter criteria, as well as field size and layout of the Listings grid. If you add, delete or resize a column in the Listing grid, these properties will also be applied within the Catalog screen.

Creating a Catalog

There are two ways to add Catalogs from the HomeBase 3.2 Catalogs screen:
1. Click [Manage Catalogs] on the bottom-center of the page.
2. Select [Manage Catalogs] from the ‘Tools’ menu near the top of the page.
Once the [Manage Catalog] window appears:
1. Type a Catalog name in the ‘Catalog Name’ field.
2. Enter a description for the Catalog in the ‘Catalog Description’ Field (optional).
3. Click [Save] and then [Close]. The new Catalog will appear in the list on the left.

Adding Listings to a Catalog

There are two ways to associate a listing with a Catalog.

To add listings to Catalogs through the ‘Catalogs’ tab:

1. Click the [Catalogs] tab in the menu bar near the top of the screen. [All Listings] will be selected by default.
2. You can use ‘Filter/Search Conditions’ at the top of the screen to find the listing(s) you want to add to the catalog(s). You can add multiple listings to the same catalog(s) at once by selecting them using [Ctrl+click] or [Shift+click].
3. When your listings have been selected and are highlighted in blue, use the [Add Selected Listings to] drop-down menu in the bottom right corner to select a Catalog.
4. Click [Go] to add the book(s) to the catalog(s). There will be no confirmation screen.
5. Click [Clear] in the top-right to clear your search filters and select a new set of listings.
6. Repeat to add up to 3 catalogs to each listing.

To add a new listing to a Catalog as it is created:

1. Click [New Listing] in the top left corner.
2. Enter the listing details in the ‘Add Listing’ box.
3. Click the [Catalogs] tab in the ‘Add Listing’ box, select the Catalog from the ‘Available Items’ list and click [Add]. It will then appear in the ‘Associated Items’ list.
4. Add up to 3 Catalogs.
5. Click [Save] and then [Close].

Editing Catalogs

1. In the Catalogs Tab, click on [Manage Catalogs] (bottom center of screen).
2. Click [Tools] > [Manage Catalogs] from any HomeBase screen.
3. Double click the Catalog you would like to edit.
4. Enter any applicable information in the ‘Catalog Attribute’ window.
5. Click [Save].

Deleting Catalogs

The default Catalogs ‘All Listings’ and ‘Un-Categorized Listings’ cannot be deleted.
1. In the Catalogs tab click [Manage Catalogs] (bottom center of screen).
2. Click [Tools] > [Manage Catalogs] from any HomeBase screen
3. Double click the Catalog you would like to delete.
4. Click [Delete].

Note: When a Catalog is deleted, the listings associated with it are not removed from inventory, they will simply no longer be associated with that Catalog.