HomeBase 3.2 – Categories

AbeBooks maintains approximately 3,500 subject categories that are used by buyers browsing our website. These categories are accessed through the [Browse] link in the red banner at the top of every AbeBooks page. They’re based on the BISAC subject list and are organized in a tree structure of approximately 50 top-level categories and even more sub-categories.

If you categorize your listings, your categories will be displayed on your AbeBooks Storefront, where buyers can browse your inventory exclusively.

The category list is built into HomeBase 3.2, making categorization fast and easy. Because the list is pre-defined, categories can’t be edited or deleted.

If you choose not to assign your listings to a category, our system will attempt to match them to the appropriate category based on ISBN. If you do assign your own categories, we won’t change or add to them. Each listing may be assigned to up to 10 categories.

Categorizing Listings:

HomeBase 3.2 can be used to associate your listings with up to 10 AbeBooks categories.

A plus sign (+) next to a category indicates that there are sub-categories. Listings can’t be assigned to top-level category headings, but rather to the lowest level sub-category headings.

To add Categories from the ‘Categories’ Tab:

  1. In the left-hand pane, select the ‘All Listings’ Category. You will see all of your listings in the right-hand side of the screen.
  2. You can use the ‘Filter/Search Conditions’ at the top of the screen to find the listing(s) you to which you want to add to categories. You can add categories to multiple listings at once by using [Ctrl+click] or [Shift+click] to multi-select. Selected listings will be highlighted in blue.
  3. When you’ve selected your listings, use the ‘Add Selected Listings to:’ drop-down menu to select a category.
  4. Click [Go]. The category will be added to your listings instantly.
  5. Repeat to add up to 10 categories.
  6. Click the [Clear] button at the top-right to clear your search filters and select a new set of listings.

To add Categories from the ‘Listings’ Tab:

  1. Open a listing or multiple listings for editing.
  2. In the ‘Edit Listings’ window, click on the ‘Categories’ tab.
  3. Select a category from the ‘Available Items’ list on the left side of the screen. Use [Ctrl+click] or [Shift+click] to select up to 10 categories. Your selected categories will be highlighted in blue.
  4. Click the [>Add] button to add to the selected categories.
  5. When you’re done categorizing, click the [Save] button to save.

Removing Categories:

To remove categories from a listing or listings, follow the same steps for adding categories (above), but select the categories to be removed in the ‘Associated Items’ (right) pane and click [< Remove] or [< Remove All].

When you’ve completed the removals, click the [Save] button to save.

Don’t forget to send your updates to AbeBooks in order for your changes to appear online.