HomeBase 3.2 – Importing Data From AbeBooks

There is a two-part process for copying your inventory from AbeBooks into HomeBase 3.2: Downloading and Importing.

Step 1: Downloading

    1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account.
    2. Select ‘Request Inventory Report (for HomeBase 2.3 – North American format)’ from the ‘My Downloads’ section of the members menu. Then click [Initiate File Download]. An email will be sent to you once the file has been created.

  1. When you receive the email saying the file is ready, sign on to your account again and click the [Download Pending Files] link.
  2. Right-click [Click here to download the latest HomeBase import file], and choose [Save Target As] if using Internet Explore, or [Save Link As] if using Firefox. The “Save As” screen will display the default file name – “HBImport.txt”. Select the location on your computer where you want this file saved. (If you’re using Internet Explorer, make sure that the “Save as Type” field is .txt and not .html.)
  3. Click [Save], then [Close].

Step 2: Importing

    1. Open Homebase 3.2.
    2. Select ‘File.’
    3. Select ‘Import.’
    4. Select ‘Import from a different file type’ and click [Next].

    1. Select ‘Import Listings’ and click on [Next].
    2. Use the [Browse] button to locate saved import file and click [Next].
    3. In most cases, you will not need to change the ‘File Encoding.’ If you don’t know, don’t change it.
    4. Click [Next].
    5. Select the ‘HomeBase 2’ file format and click [Next].

  1. Choose whether to use your existing Book ID numbers or have HomeBase create new numbers. Click [Next].
  2. Choose whether to merge new listings with existing or delete existing and replace with new. Click [Next].
  3. If you’ve used any custom attributes, you will be prompted to match them to an AbeBooks attribute. Choose ‘not mapped’ to skip this step. Click [Next].
  4. Confirm import actions. Use the back arrow to make any changes. Click [Next] to continue.
  5. Click [Finish] when the import has completed.

You can now view your Listings by clicking on the ‘Listings’ tab at the top of the screen.