HomeBase 3.2 – Sending to AbeBooks

The first time you attempt to send an inventory update to AbeBooks from HomeBase 3.2, you will be prompted to log in with your AbeBooks UserId and API key. Doing so will set a security token on your computer that will make logging in unnecessary for future uploads, unless:

  • Your AbeBooks seller account has been closed.
  • You have installed HomeBase 3.2 on a second or new computer.
  • You have removed and re-installed HomeBase 3.2.

There are 3 ways that you can send your inventory adds, deletes, or updates to AbeBooks:

  1. You can send listing updates at any time using the ‘Upload Listing Changes’ button.
  2. When you close HomeBase 3, you’ll be prompted to ‘Send listing updates to AbeBooks?’ As long as you’re connected to the Internet, selecting ‘Yes’ will automatically send all updates, adds, and sold items to AbeBooks. This automatic prompt can be disabled by selecting Tools from the Menu bar and then choosing Options > Disable send updates prompt.
  3. You can also send updates to AbeBooks at any time during a session by selecting
    the Tools menu from the menu bar, and then choosing either ‘Upload Listing Changes’ or ‘Upload Want Changes’.

When sending data for the first time, if you are unable to connect, please note:

  • Ensure your User ID and API key have been entered correctly – remember that both are case sensitive.
  • If you ever need to reset your HomeBase Security token this can be done by selecting Help > Disconnect. While disconnected, your data will remain online.You will be prompted to create a new token with your next inventory update.

Once your updates have been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation message letting you know what action has been completed. The message will display:

  • Number of listings added.
  • Number of listings updated.
  • Number of listings deleted.
  • Number of listings failed.

If the message includes a number of listing updates that failed, or says ‘No Listings needed to be sent to the server’, check the following:

  1. ‘Invalid’ Listings: There are mandatory attributes for each listing in HomeBase 3.2. Any listing with missing mandatory attributes will not be uploaded and will be included in your ‘Failed’ count. You can identify ‘Invalid’ listings by looking at the ‘AbeBooks Valid’ column for your listings. Any listing displaying ‘Invalid’ in that column has missing attributes.

If a listing displays ‘Invalid’, double-click to open it. A red X will indicate the fields that need to be updated in order for the listing to be ‘Valid’. Update those fields and resend.

If you are using custom text in any attributes fields, be sure you’ve first mapped them to AbeBooks corresponding terms. For more information on mapping these custom attributes please visit this help page.

  1. The ‘Send to AbeBooks’ check box is not checked: In the Edit and Add Listing or Want screens, there is a ‘Send to AbeBooks’ check box located at the bottom right. As long as this box is checked, your changes will automatically be included in your next upload.

If this box is not checked, the listing will not be sent to AbeBooks.

Important Note:

HomeBase 3 should not be used in conjunction with any other inventory management system. For example, if you make inventory updates via HomeBase 3.2 and our Online InventoryManagement System, it is likely that the changes made in one will overwrite those made in the other. This may result in missing listings or sold items appearing online.