HomeBase 3 – Backup Files

These instructions apply to both HomeBase 3.0 and HomeBase 3.2

Create a HomeBase 3 backup file:

When you exit HomeBase, a message will appear on the screen asking if you would like to create a backup. We recommend periodically responding with [yes] just in case something happens to your computer and you need to restore your records.

This can also be done at any time by selecting “File” from the HomeBase menu bar then choosing [Backup Database] (the “Browse for Folder” dialog box is displayed).

HomeBase automatically generates a backup name and places the file in the backup directory of HomeBase (C:\Users\Public\Documents\HomeBase 3\backups).

If you wish to save this backup in a different location or on an external storage device this can be done by selecting a different location from the “Browse for Folder” dialog box.

Press save to create a backup. A progress window displays the progress of the backup. When the backup is complete, the “Backup Database” dialog box is displayed.

Recover from a HomeBase 3 backup file:

When you recover your backup file, the information you have in HomeBase will be permanently overwritten with the information you are recovering.

1. Start HomeBase.

2. Select “File” from the HomeBase menu bar and click [Restore Database]

3. Choose [yes] when asked if you wish to continue.

4. Locate the “.bkp” file you wish to recover.

5. Select [Open]. HomeBase will automatically close and re-open displaying your recovered inventory.