HomeBase 3 – How to add custom attributes

HomeBase 3.2 offers dedicated fields for listing attributes, (e.g., Binding, Edition, Signature, Jacket, and Condition). Each of these fields contain a pre-populated dropdown list of common attributes.

If you wish to add your own custom attributes to these fields, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the ‘Listings’ tab.

2. If you’re adding a new listing, select [New Listing]. If you’re editing an existing listing, choose the listing and select [Edit Listing].

3. In the ‘Attributes’ section, select the pencil icon next to the attribute you wish to add. A ’Manage Lists’ window will open.

4. Choose [Add] located below ‘List Items’.

5. Add your custom attribute in the ‘Label’ field.

6. Choose a value from the ‘Mapping’ field that best matches the custom attribute you’ve selected. (Your custom attribute will still be the term displayed within your listing on AbeBooks.)

7. Select [Apply] and [Close].

Your custom attribute has now been added and will appear as one of the available options within the attribute drop down list.