How Do I Buy Multiple Copies Of A Book?

Some booksellers offer more than one copy of a book – they can list up to 20 copies of a book for sale on AbeBooks.

If you wish to purchase multiple copies of the same title, please be aware that shipments from multiple sellers cannot be consolidated. If you order books from several different sellers, individual shipping costs will apply to each seller’s portion of the order.

Booksellers sometimes offer lower shipping rates on the additional items when multiple copies of a book are ordered.

To order more than one copy of a book from a bookseller:

  1. Search for the book and check the quantity field in each bookseller’s listing.
  2. When you find a bookseller who offers more than one copy, and you are happy with the price, shipping charges, and description, click [Add to Basket].
  3. In your shopping basket, enter the quantity you’d like to purchase in the ‘Quantity’ field.
  4. Click the [Update] button directly below the quantity field. Confirm that the shipping amount and the order total have updated to reflect the quantity selected.
  5. Click [Proceed to Checkout] to complete your order.

Please remember to click [Update] after entering your desired quantity in the shopping basket.