How do I Close My Seller Account?

You can close your AbeBooks Bookseller Account at any time. To do so, simply contact AbeBooks Customer Support with your request, including the date you would like the closure to take effect.

Please make note of the following:

  • If you need a copy of your inventory, please download a file prior to the account closure. We do not store a backup of your inventory after the closure has completed.
  • Be sure to process any outstanding orders or returns before the account closure completes.
  • Do not set your account to Vacation status while waiting for the account closure to take effect. Doing so will delay the closure.
  • Subscription fees for the month during which the closure completes will not be pro-rated or refunded, so you may wish to schedule your account closure at or near the end of the month.

We require any outstanding balances to be paid. If you have an outstanding balance, we will continue to send you monthly statements until the balance is paid in full.

Upon closure of your account, you will be able to sign on to AbeBooks to support our community of independent booksellers using the same email address and password you used for your bookseller account – we will simply change the your account to ‘buyer’ status. All areas of our web site, except those exclusive to our Bookseller community, will continue to be available to you. Your wants will still be saved within your buyer account.

If you wish to return as an AbeBooks bookseller at any point in the future, you must re-submit a bookseller application under your previously existing account. To access the application, simply sign on with your email address and password, then click ‘Sell Books’ in the red banner at the top of any AbeBooks page.