How to correct Invalid Listings in HomeBase 3.2

The ‘Condition’ and ‘Binding’ fields in HomeBase 3.2 are required fields. If either is left blank, the listing will be marked as ‘invalid’ and will not be sent to AbeBooks.

To identify which listings are currently ‘invalid,’ simply open HomeBase 3.2 and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the ‘Listings’ tab.
  2. Across the top of the screen, you’ll see column headers for Item ID, Author, Title, Publisher, etc. This is your ‘header row.’ Make sure there are headers present for Condition, Binding and Abebooks Valid.
  3. If you do not have these 3 headers, it’s very easy to add them. Simply right-click anywhere in the header row and a Menu will appear. Click on ‘Column Chooser.’
  4. A small square will open on the bottom right side of your screen, with available column headers to add to your header row. Find the column headers for Condition, Binding, and AbeBooks Valid and drag each one, one at a time, up into your header row. To drag a column header: place your cursor on the one you want to drag, click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the column header up to the header row – then release the mouse button.
  5. Once you have added Condition, Binding, and AbeBooks Valid to your header row, you will notice that listings will show as either ‘valid’ or ‘invalid’. Note that listings that are ‘invalid’ will often have empty ‘Condition’ and/or ‘Binding’ fields. These empty fields are the most common reason listings are invalid.

Both fields must be populated for a listing to be ‘valid.’

You can edit multiple listings at once to correct invalid listings much more efficiently. Simply click the first listing you wish to edit, then use shift+click or ctrl+click to select the rest.

Once you’ve selected all the listings you wish to edit and they are highlighted in blue, right-click anywhere in the blue and select ‘Edit X Items.’

Note: If using multi-edit, all the selected listings must be given the same value in the field you are editing, i.e. they all must be given a ‘good’ condition.

Multi-Edit Using Filters