How do I Exclude an Order from my Completion Rate?

Returns and rejected orders negatively affect your completion rating. However, you can exclude up to three orders from your completion rating during a rolling 12-month period. Excluded orders are removed from your order total – for example, if you receive 50 orders and exclude one, the order total upon which your completion rate is calculated will be 49.

Follow these instructions to exclude an order:

  1. Click [Completion Rate] in the ‘My Account Stats’ section of your [My Account] page.
  2. Use the Month drop-down menu to find the month that the order was placed in.
  3. Click the [Unfulfilled] or [Returned] order count to find the order.
  4. Click the order count in the ‘Total Unfulfilled’ or ‘Total Returned’ column.
  5. Find the order you wish to exclude in the list that appears toward the bottom of the page and click [Request status change].
  6. Enter your comments for the request, and click the [Submit] button.

These instructions are also available as a video tutorial.