How do I update my credit card details?

When you shop on AbeBooks you can save your credit card details within your AbeBooks account. You can update or remove saved credit cards anytime, as well as add additional cards. Your credit card data is encrypted on our secure server and is never shared with anyone.

The instructions below are also available as a video tutorial.

Please note that saved credit card numbers cannot be edited. Instead, simply delete the old card then save it again as a new card.


    Adding a new credit card:

  • [Sign on] to your AbeBooks account.
  • Select [Manage My Credit Cards] under My Personal Info on your Members Menu.
  • Select the type of card you want to enter from the ‘Select Credit Card’ drop-down menu. For example, if you are entering a new Visa card, select, “Add new: Visa.”
  • Enter the card details and the associated billing address.
  • Select the [Make this my preferred payment method] and [Make this my preferred shipping address] check boxes if those options apply and click [Save Changes]

**Note: Assigning a Card Description to the card, i.e. ‘My Card’, ‘Corporate Card’ or ‘Rewards Card,’ will make it easy to identify for future purchases and updates. You can only use a particular Card Description once – for instance, if you have described a card as ‘My Card,’ you must use a different description if you add a second card, i.e. ‘My Second Card’.

Once the [Save Changes] button has been clicked and your details have been successfully submitted, you will see a green check-mark icon with a message saying, ‘Thank you – Your card details have been saved.’ If there are any errors or incomplete or missing fields on the page, an error message will be displayed.

Updating an Expiry Date or Card Description:

  • Select your saved card from the ‘Select Credit Card’ drop-down menu.
  • Type the new card description or choose the new expiry date.
  • Click [Save Changes]

Updating the Card Number or Cardholder Name:

For security reasons, your card number and cardholder name cannot be edited. Instead, please delete the saved card and then add it again as a new card.

Deleting a Card on your Account:

  • Select your saved credit card from the [Select Credit Card] drop-down list. For added security, the credit card number is not displayed on this page.
  • Click the [Delete Credit Card] button at the bottom of the page.