How Does Your Seller Rating Work?

Seller ratings are calculated on your order completion rate over the past six months. Completion Rate = (Total Number of Order Items – Unfulfilled Order Items – Returned Order Items) / Total Number of Order Items

For example, if you had 75 orders, rejected 3 of them and had 2 returns, your completion rate would be 93%.

(75 – 3 – 2) = 70 / 75 = 93% completion rate

The completion rate percentages are translated into a five-star seller rating system that is displayed to buyers on AbeBooks:

96 – 100% = *****
90 – 95% = ****
85 – 89% = ***
70 – 84% = **
0 – 69% = *

The minimum standard for Completion is 90% for sellers who have less than one million listings.  Sellers who are below the required minimum risk having their account suspended or closed.

This is often an important metric, as many buyers do look for sellers who have a high rating when purchasing. Having a higher seller rating often correlates to higher sales.

The following cancellations and returns do not affect your rating:

  • “Buyer does not want item” returns
  • Partial refunds
  • Incomplete sales (seller-direct orders where you don’t receive payment)
  • Buyer cancels before shipping
  • Orders rejected due to buyer rejection of a request for extra charges.

Up to three orders can be excluded from your completion rating in a rolling 12-month period.  For information on how to use your “exclusions”, please click here.

If you receive 3 or fewer orders in a 6 month rating period, and any of those orders are rejected or returned, your displayed rating will default to 4 stars. Once you receive 4 or more orders, your star rating will reflect your actual completion rate for the orders received during the 6 month rating period. If you complete all of the orders, for a Completion Rate of 100%, your rating will display as 5 stars, regardless of the number of orders received.

Any attempt to manipulate returns and/or completion rates by issuing refunds outside the AbeBooks system, and/or by a method other than the buyer’s original payment method, is a violation of AbeBooks Policy.