How Do I Add Tracking To An Order?

We highly recommend providing tracking for all orders. Select a tracking option through whichever shipping service you use and then enter the details in the AbeBooks system.

By providing tracking details, you will offer peace-of-mind to your customers as well as prevent contacts requesting tracking. In addition, signature delivery confirmation protects the seller should a buyer claim non-delivery.

We recommend researching all available shipping options, such as courier services, as tracking options and costs vary.

Need to update your shipping costs to cover tracking?  Click here for details on how to update your shipping rates and speeds.

To Add Tracking to an Order:

  1. Click [View and Process Orders]in the ‘My Sales’ section of your [My Account] page.
  2. Under List Orders at the top, enter the AbeBooks order number and click [List Orders] or find the order within the recently ordered items.
  3. Click [Review Order].
  4. Under Order Information on the right, enter the shipping company and tracking number in the spaces provided. To protect yourself against ‘Item Did Not Arrive’ claims, both fields must be completed and the tracking number must be valid.
  5. Click [Update] and AbeBooks will automatically email the tracking details to the buyer.

Sellers who use our high-volume order processing tools can use those tools to add tracking as well. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.


Because AbeBooks forwards tracking information to your customers, it is extremely important that you use accurate, correctly spelled, standardized names/abbreviations for the shipping service you use. Using standardized terminology makes it easier for your customers track their shipments online, and it helps AbeBooks provide specific tracking links to your customers.

Common Shipping Service Names:

United States Postal Service

  • USPS

Canada Post

  • Postes Canada

Australia Post

  • Aus Post

Royal Mail

OSM Worldwide


DHL Global Mail (different from above)

Federal Express

  • FedEx

United Parcel Service

  • UPS

UPS Mail Innovations (different from above)