HSBC and FIS Integrated Payables


What is FIS integrated payables?

FIS integrated payables is a web-based integrated payment platform that processes your payout from AbeBooks to your USD. bank account by ACH (direct payment to your bank account).

Is my bank information safe and secure with FIS integrated payables?

Yes. FIS has developed a complete infrastructure designed to provide extensive security and control over payment and remittance data. The FIS Integrated Payables is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Is my bank information shared with merchants?

Your bank information will not be stored on AbeBooks and only stored at HSBC to complete ACH payouts (direct payment to your bank account).

I think I just received a phishing email. What do I do?

If you have received an email that you know is forgery, or if you think you have been apart of a phishing attack and you are concerned about your account, please let us know right away by contacting AbeBooks Customer Support.

How do I change my bank account information?

You can manage your bank account information by going to the bank information section of your members menu and clicking the go to FIS integrated payables button. This will launch you to a secure portal outside the AbeBooks site to securely enter or edit your bank account details. You will need your registration code which was emailed to you separately by FIS Integrated Payables to login for the first time.

Why is AbeBooks using FIS Integrated Payables?

FIS Integrated Payables is an easy-to-use self-enrollment website which allows you to self-manage your bank account details and store your account details securely directly with the payer’s bank.

I am having a problem with my account or with trying to update my banking information. What do I do?

We are sorry you are having a problem with your account. Here are some things you can try:

  • Verify that you are using the correct registration code emailed to you by FIS Integrated Payables to login for the first time to set-up your password.
  • Verify that you are entering the email address associated with your account directly into the FIS integrated payables portal when you are trying to sign-in and update your bank details.
  • If you can enter your account email address and password, but you cannot complete the registration, check that you have entered the bank account details correctly and the address information matches.
  • If you are unable to complete the fields and save, please contact AbeBooks Customer Support.

If I do not receive my payout or my bank account information was entered wrong, how will I know?

You will receive an error email from FIS if the bank account information entered is incorrect, an error code or if the payout failed.

What does it cost me to use FIS integrated payables?

There are no additional fees to you for using FIS Integrated Payables.