Inventory Management Options

There are a number of ways to manage your inventory on AbeBooks. If you don’t yet know which inventory management method to use please review your options below:

While no longer supported by Abebooks, HomeBase 2.3 may still be used to manage your inventory locally on your Windows PC.  It’s not a recommended option but if you choose to continue using this tool you will need to upload your inventory files manually through your Members Menu on the AbeBooks website or using FTP software.

HomeBase 3.2 is AbeBooks’ free inventory management software. This program is installed locally on your Windows PC enabling you to manage your inventory, wants, clients, and invoices all in one place. Instructions on updating from HomeBase 2.3 to Homebase 3.2 are available here.

If you are a Mac OS user and don’t have your own database, you can use our Online Inventory Management System to add, update, and catalog your listings directly through your AbeBooks account.

Already have your own database?  Simply upload your first inventory file directly through your AbeBooks account or by FTPS. For this option, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

If you’re creating your own inventory management system and have experience programming, the Inventory Update Application Programming Interface (API) is available.

In addition to the above options, there are several third party inventory management systems that integrate directly with AbeBooks.

Feature HomeBase 3.2 Online Inventory Management System FTPS
Upload inventory directly to Abebooks Easy one-click upload Web-based. Enter listings directly through your AbeBooks account. Requires FTP client
Multi-select edit & delete Basic bulk editing
ISBN Lookup ISBN Matching
Description Parsing    
Price Comparison  
Built-in Repricing    
Export inventory to multiple formats  
Image uploads Available Options
Locally stored backup of inventory  
Seller specific notes (location, cost, private notes)  
Manage inventory on multiple computers at the same time    
Mac compatible  
Migrate directly from HomeBase 2.3

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