Offering Free Shipping

Free shipping on books is very attractive to many AbeBooks customers. We promote free shipping on our site and books offered with free shipping are highlighted in search results with a yellow icon. We also promote sellers offering free shipping through regular emails to customers.

You can offer free shipping domestically, to a single or multiple international countries, or even worldwide. Our free shipping emails are received by customers all over the world.

To be included in our free shipping promotions, adjust your Standard shipping rates to set the first and extra item rates to 0.00 for the countries where you wish to offer free shipping.

You can also open a second account to offer free shipping on specific inventory. Please note subscription fees are applicable on additional accounts.

Books listed in your free shipping account may not be offered through your other account. You may offer one title in both accounts only if you have multiple copies, and they must be listed with unique inventory numbers and descriptions. The combined price for shipping and book price on the non-free shipping account must be at least US $1.00 (or your listing currency equivalent) higher than the same book offered with free shipping. Subject to currency fluctuations, this equates to approximately £0.60 for GBP listing sellers and €0.70 for EUR listing sellers.

Booksellers who offer free shipping must maintain a completion rate of 90% or higher. If you fall below 90% for two consecutive months, you will be removed from the program for three months. After three months, you may re-apply.

Requesting extra charges on a free shipping order is not permissible unless sales tax is required or the buyer has requested that the item be shipped with tracking or insurance.