Reporting Forum Policy Violations

AbeBooks strives to provide you with a quality online community, where the respectful expression of diverse opinions is encouraged, within the guidelines of our Forum Policies.

If there is a forum member who tends to post comments that you find objectionable, we recommend that you use the ‘Ignore’ feature. By placing a member on ‘Ignore’, you will never see his/her posts again.

Simply find a post by the member you wish to ignore and click the [Options] button at the bottom of the post. In the drop-down menu that opens, click ‘Block this Member’. A pop-up window will open. Click [Block] to confirm.

Reporting a Violation of AbeBooks Forum Policy:

If there is a post that you believe is in violation of the AbeBooks Forum Policies, click the [Options] button at the bottom of the post and choose ‘Report Concern’.

You will be asked to select a reason for your report:

  • Inappropriate image
  • Spamming or Advertising
  • Vulgarity or Profanity
  • Personal Attack
  • Disclosure of personal information
  • Impersonating another member
  • Other

There is also a field where you can provide additional comments, if you wish.

Click [Report Violation] when you are done. The Forum Moderator will be notified by email.


  • Violation Reports will receive no response.
  • A forum post will be edited or removed only if deemed in violation our Forum Policy and only at AbeBooks’ sole discretion.

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