Searching the Books of a Specific Bookseller

Occasionally, you may wish to purchase books from a specific bookseller or from booksellers in a specific location. There are two advantages to this: First, you can reduce the cost of shipping by finding booksellers close to you or by ordering multiple items from the same seller. Second, you can search the inventory of a bookseller with an area of specialty that interests you.

You can also use this feature to find bookstores in your area.

To search for a bookseller:

  1. Click [Booksellers] in the red banner.
  2. On the Booksellers page navigate to an individual seller’s homepage by taking one of the following steps:
    • Click a letter of the alphabet to list books beginning with the selected letter. Or
    • Type a bookstore name, or portion of a name, in the Name: text box. Click [Search]. Or
    • Select a country from the Country drop-down list and, if desired, further refine your search by selecting a province or state from the Location drop-down list. Click [Search].
  3. Once you have found a bookseller whose inventory you would like to search, click their name to reach their Storefront. From there, you can use the search box to search that seller’s inventory exclusively, or scroll down to browse their inventory by subject.

You can also search a particular bookseller’s inventory by clicking [More Books from this Seller] within any book listing.

Important Note on Search Terms and Potential Errors

AbeBooks Bookseller Search will accept syntax that includes a hyphen, -, or a pipe, |, delimiter between search terms. However, if either is used with no following term, an error message will be returned.

For example:

  • Bob Smith – Books is an acceptable search query.
  • Bob Smith – will return an error message.
  • Bob Smith | Books is an acceptable search query.
  • Bob Smith | will return an error message.