The Statements tab allows you to view current and past statements for each weekly statement period. It shows your account balance at the start of the statement period, the impact of transactions during the statement period (orders, refunds, fees, etc.), and the balance at the end of the statement period. The balance will show whether AbeBooks pays you, you owe AbeBooks, or the balance is carried forward.

AbeBooks statement periods are one week in length from Friday to Friday each week. They begin Friday morning Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and finish the following Friday morning (PDT). A statement is generated for your account for each statement period.

Monthly subscription fees are applied to your account on the 1st of every month. At the end of each statement period, AbeBooks disburses any balance owing to you. If, at the end of a statement period, you have a balance owing to AbeBooks, the amount owing is carried forward to the next statement period except for the last statement of the month. (For example, the last statement for May is the last statement whose statement period starts in May). If you have a balance owing on the last statement of the month, your balancing owing becomes due and your on file payment method is charged to pay the balance. We recommend that all sellers keep up to date payment information on file so that their account does not become overdue. 

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Statement Explained

*Any value displayed in red text as a negative value is what you owe.

  1. You can select which weekly statement you would like to view from the drop down menu. Each statement has its own unique Statement ID and will have the applicable date displayed.
  • Beginning balance shows your balance at the start of the statement period and any payments or payment collections that occurred during the statement period.
  • Orders displays the sales proceeds for your orders processed during the statement period including the applicable fees.
  • Refunds shows the debits due to refunds processed during the statement period including credits for commission and external payment service fees.
  • Other transactions shows other account activities including subscription fees and manual adjustments that occurred during the statement period.
  • Statement total is the amount that is owed to you or is owed to AbeBooks. A positive balance indicates that the amount is owed to you by AbeBooks. A negative balance in red text indicates that you owe that amount to AbeBooks.
  • The What is next? section explains any resulting action, such as when you will receive your payment or when you will be charged for any balance due.

Please Note: For account activity prior to March 27, 2020please access it from the Statements and reporting interface by clicking, ‘Don’t see the dates you’re looking for?’