Credit card verification on AbeBooks

In early 2021, new European legislation has implemented an extra layer of security to protect your online purchases, including those on AbeBooks.

When you place an online order with your credit card and your credit card provider is located in the European Economic Area (EEA), your credit card provider will review the transaction at the time of checkout and may ask you to verify your identity to authorize payment.

You’ll set up Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with your credit card provider which you’ll enter, if requested, to authorize your payment directly in checkout.  This confirms that you’re the authorized card holder at the time of purchase and helps lower the risk of fraudulent online purchases.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) uses two factor authentication to verify your identity when placing an online order. You’ll set up your SCA using two or more factors based on something that you know (like a password), something that you possess (like your mobile phone) or something that you are (like your fingerprint).

Your credit card provider controls the verification process and we ask that you follow up with them if you have any further questions. They can help if you need to set up or reset the mechanism for your Strong Customer Authentication or if you encounter any problems when entering this information.

You can find the contact information for your credit card provider on your account statement or the back of your card.

What happens if I can’t remember my verification details?

If you can’t complete your verification steps, the items will remain in your Shopping Basket for you to retry. Please note that items in your Basket are not reserved for you, and another customer may purchase the item before you.

You can find more information on what happens when you have a problem with your payment during checkout on our Help Page

Why do I get asked for my verification details on AbeBooks but not on other sites? Why do I get asked to provide this for some but not all of my AbeBooks orders?

Your credit card provider controls the verification process and may choose to not require secure authentication for certain transactions, e.g. for low amounts. Please speak with them if you have questions about payment verification for online orders.

Can I use my debit card or another payment method to avoid providing this information each time?

AbeBooks accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You may also be able to pay the seller directly by an alternate method such as PayPal, check, or money order. The seller’s accepted payment methods will be listed under the ‘Payments methods accepted by seller’ section on the listing.

If I purchase on rather than one of your European sites, will I avoid having to provide this information?

If your credit card provider requires you to verify your payment, this will occur on all AbeBooks domains including