Tax invoices (2020 and later)

Tax invoices are monthly reports that show the fees and tax paid to AbeBooks to help you record expenses and file income taxes. These invoices are not requests for payment and should not be paid.

Tax invoices will always be labelled from the first to the final day of each month in the overview.

To review this invoice, select the Tax invoices tab from the Statements and reporting (New) link in the My Payments section of your Members Menu.  To download the tax invoice, select Download on the right hand side of the page next to the date range you wish to view. If you wish to view another year, select the year from the drop down list to view all invoices generated for that year.

Tax invoice explained

Each invoice will have its own unique identifying number and date that it was issued at the top left hand side of each invoice.

Prepared For will include the details provided for your seller account. This will include your legal business name, physical address, email address, AbeBooks account number, and any tax information if applicable.

Supplier will state the business details for AbeBooks Inc. or AbeBooks Europe GmbH, depending on the seller agreement under which your account falls.

Date: The period of this tax invoice from the first to the final day of each month.

Description: Outlines each type of fee paid throughout the month. This will be your Subscription Fees, Commissions, and External Payment Service Provider Fees.

Fees (Tax Exclusive): Total for each Description excluding any applicable tax

Tax %: The applicable percentage of VAT/GST/HST paid for each Description item

Tax: The total amount charged for tax for each Description item

Total: The total amount of each Description item inclusive of tax