Editing and formatting Terms & Disclaimers

Sellers are able to provide rich text formatting for their Terms & Disclaimers, including paragraphs with line breaks. These can be entered using the built-in editor on the Terms & Disclaimers page, or manually added using the markdowns below:

Italics: use either _underscores_ or *asterisks*.
Bold: use two __underscores__ or **asterisks**.

Bulleted lists can be added using asterisks:
* Item 2
* Item 3

Ordered lists can be added with numbers:
1. First item
2. Second item

Links are written using square brackets around the link text followed by URLs in parentheses. Just adding a website address to the text will also display as clickable links. URLs must begin with “http://” or “https://”.

Sections can be achieved using headers:

# Header level 1
Some text

## Header level 2
Some text

### Header level 3

Horizontal rules are created using at least 3 dashes:

Images cannot be added to any disclaimer text.