Why Do Your Prices Vary So Much?

AbeBooks does not set book prices. AbeBooks is an online marketplace where thousands of independent booksellers from around the world list their books for sale. Each bookseller is responsible for listing their own books and setting their own prices (as well as their own shipping rates).

You will often see a wide range of prices for a particular title. Some copies are new and some are used. Books can be expensive when they become scarce or collectible.

If you are shopping for textbooks, again you will see new and used copies, as well as older editions. Used copies may have highlighting or other marks but the seller is expected to indicate this in the book description.

Please note teacher’s editions, instructor’s editions, study guides, workbooks, and solutions manuals are also offered for sale on AbeBooks. You may also see International Editions – these are textbooks that have been published outside of the US.

Please read the book description thoroughly before ordering.