Information regarding the right of cancellation (Right of Withdrawal)

The European Consumer Rights Directive (CRD), which was implemented into local laws on June 13, 2014, requires that consumers be presented with more information on the consumer’s ‘Right of Withdrawal’ from a purchase.

The full Consumer Rights Directive can be found on the European Commission website. One of the CRD requirements is to inform consumers about their 14-day ‘Right of Withdrawal’ and to provide a model withdrawal form.

AbeBooks enables sellers to enter their own information in order to comply with these specific requirements under EU law, via the “Terms and Disclaimers” page in sellers’ accounts. This page allows sellers to provide disclaimer text in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, depending on the AbeBooks website the customer is using. This information will also be added to the “order received” emails AbeBooks automatically sends to buyers after receiving an order.

Please do not add ‘Right of Withdrawal’ content in the Terms of Sale section, to avoid duplication. This information should be provided in the designated “Information Regarding the Right of Cancellation” section.