AbeBooks Forum Policies

The AbeBooks Forums (“Forums”) have been created to promote helpful and informative communication within our community of book lovers, buyers, and sellers. The purpose of the Forums is to interact with other AbeBooks community users, and for AbeBooks to communicate information to its users. When Forum users follow this policy and treat all users with courtesy and respect, the Forums allow a positive experience for everyone.

By using the Forums, you agree to abide by the Forum Policy. Violation of this policy may result in your suspension or expulsion from the Forums. The following guidelines pertain specifically to content within the Forums including, but not limited to text, URLs, images, and references. Please help us maintain this constructive environment by following these guidelines .

Forum users may contribute:

  • Posts that are topic-specific to the board and the thread.
  • Relevant knowledge, ideas, and experiences.
  • Ideas for new features.
  • Feedback about AbeBooks, both things we do well and things we can improve.
  • External website links that are helpful and relevant to the discussion topic.

Technical issues and inquiries on your account or orders should continue to be accessed through the AbeBooks Help Center.

Forum users may not contribute:

  • Links, remarks, or references that are profane, obscene, or spiteful.
  • Content that demonstrates intolerance for or is insulting to other groups and individuals.
  • Content that demonstrates little or no relevance to AbeBooks, books-related discussions, or disrupts the effective use of the Forums in any way.
  • Content containing personal information or links to personal information including, but not limited to names, contact information, or physical addresses.
  • Harmful content, including, without limitation, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or any other harmful computer programs that may damage or interfere with any system, program, data, or personal information.
  • Content that would violate, or would facilitate the violation of, any applicable law, regulation, AbeBooks rule or policy, or that encourages others to violate any laws, AbeBooks rules or policies.
  • Advertisements or solicitations for external web sites, contests, paid service offerings, contributor or customer reviews, or other solicitations, or requests for Forum users to be your potential customers.
  • Repeated announcements of a single topic or response to a thread with the sole purpose of resurfacing it to the top of the discussion board, also known as ‘bumping’.
  • Messages intended to bait other members or incite arguments, also known as ‘trolling’.
  • Suspected examples of Bookseller Policy Violations.
  • Threads that do not relate to the topic of the board.

The AbeBooks Forums may be used only for lawful purposes. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content deemed, at our sole discretion, to be harmful in any way to our systems, network, reputation, goodwill, to other AbeBooks customers, or to any third party. In the event of extreme violations, users may be permanently banned and/or blocked from all AbeBooks Forums without warning or notification, at AbeBooks’ sole discretion.

  • The AbeBooks team is actively involved in our Forums.
  • To protect your privacy and security, we will not reply to individual questions about specific accounts on the Forums. Please contact us through the AbeBooks Help Center.
  • As a team, we think a lot about which new features to build next for you. We will continue to use the Forums to hear your ideas and to gauge your interests. Your feedback helps us launch new technologies and offerings within AbeBooks.

Reporting a policy violation:
If there is a post that you believe is in violation of the Forum Policies and would like to request its removal, use the drop down arrow next to the post to flag the comment. You will then be prompted to include a note for the Forums moderators to review. Forums posts will be edited or removed only if deemed in violation our Forum Policy and only at AbeBooks’ sole discretion.