HomeBase 3.2 – Introduction

HomeBase is the AbeBooks free inventory management software. This easy-to-use program streamlines managing your inventory and bookselling online with AbeBooks. HomeBase 3.2 helps take care of everything from maintaining your inventory, to keeping track of your regular buyers and issuing receipts, to uploading your active Listings to AbeBooks.

System Requirements:

HomeBase 3.2 is optimized to work on a PC running the following Microsoft windows versions:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Any of the above running on a Mac Virtual PC.

Some Key Features:

  1. Streamlined inventory management: Quick and easy uploads via HomeBase 3.2 Web Services, with the added ability to save export files, in multiple formats, for ftp upload to other online venues.
  2. Multi-select: Multiple listings may be selected and edited/deleted at once. For example, if you realized you misspelled an author’s name on 5 listings, you could select them all and make the correction once, and the edit would be applied to all 5 listings.
  3. Improved PricePartner: Built into HomeBase 3.2, PricePartner is a powerful applicaton that lets you quickly and easily adjust the prices of selected or all books listed in HomeBase 3.2. You may select a sub-set of your listings and increase or decrease prices by a fixed amount or by a percentage on only those listings. You can also update all selected listings to the same price.
  4. ISBN Lookup (available to registered booksellers only): ISBN LookUp will now return more than one result if we have multiple matches to the ISBN in our database. In addition, many more fields may be returned by ISBN LookUp and you can choose which you’d like to keep and which you’d prefer to ignore.

Networking: Multiple Accounts and/or Multiple Computers:

  • Sellers who currently manage multiple seller accounts through a single instance of HomeBase 2.3 will be unable to do so in HomeBase 3.2. HomeBase 3.2 security is based on the storage of a single token, with a token representing a unique UserID/API Key combination.
  • If you are a seller and list under multiple seller accounts, you will not be able to use HomeBase 3.2 Web Services to manage your consolidated account inventory.
  • Networking HomeBase 3.2 on more than one computer is not supported.